Hand Tool

WERA 05004172001 Bicycle Set 3 Bits assortment with ratchet

Bicycle tool set with ratchet, bit, sockets and a bit hand holder in a compact space. Perfect as a universal companion with a variety of screwdriving challenges. High quality bit hand-holder with Kraftform Plus handle for comfortably ergonomic work, which avoids blisters and calluses. Hard grip zones for high working speed, soft grip zones for high torque transmission. Bit ratchet for quick work when bolting by machine or by conventional hand tool is not possible due to lack of space. Fast switching from left to right and vice versa via the switching lever. Quick turning (by thumb) over the grooved ratchet head. Simplest operation even with just one hand. Ergonomic ratchet head/lever: Kraftform geometry with perfectly shaped contact surfaces for fingers. The direct bit holder in the ratchet head and the smallest tool design allow for low working heights. Small return angle of 6° for precise work. Robust drop forged full steel design. Torques of over 65 Nm. The Rapidaptor bit holder with quick-turn coating can be used as an extension, for lightning-fast bit changes with only one hand without auxiliary tools of even the smallest bit sizes. Tough bits, for universal use. Hand and machine sockets for almost all applications. With "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size - for easy and fast location of the required tool. Easy to grasp even with oily hands. With ball-catching groove. For external hexagonal bolts and sockets. Made of matt-chromed chrome-vanadium.

8001 A
    1x 1/4"x87 mm
  • 05051274001
    1x 1/4"x78 mm
889/4/1 K
  • 05052502001
    1x 1/4"x50 mm
  • 05136000001
    1x 1/4"x25 mm 1) 1)
8790 HMA
  • 05003504001
    1x 5.5x23 mm
  • 05003505001
    1x 6x23 mm
  • 05003506001
    1x 7x23 mm
  • 05003507001
    1x 8x23 mm
  • 05003509001
    1x 10x23 mm
  • 05003512001
    1x 13x23 mm
  • 05003499001
    1x 15x23 mm
851/1 TZ PH
  • 05056505001
    1x PH 1x25 mm
  • 05056510001
    2x PH 2x25 mm
  • 05056525001
    1x PH 3x25 mm
867/1 TZ TORX®
  • 05066305001
    1x TX 10x25 mm
  • 05066308001
    1x TX 15x25 mm
  • 05066310001
    2x TX 20x25 mm
  • 05066312001
    2x TX 25x25 mm
  • 05066313001
    1x TX 27x25 mm
  • 05066315001
    1x TX 30x25 mm
  • 05066320001
    1x TX 40x25 mm
800/1 TZ
  • 05056203001
    1x 0.5x4x25 mm
  • 05056210001
    1x 0.6x4.5x25 mm
  • 05056225001
    1x 1x5.5x25 mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus
  • 05056305001
    1x 2x25 mm
  • 05056310001
    1x 2.5x25 mm
  • 05056315001
    1x 3x25 mm
  • 05056320001
    1x 4x25 mm
  • 05056325001
    1x 5x25 mm
  • 05056330001
    1x 6x25 mm
  • 05056335001
    1x 8x25 mm
842/1 Z
  • 05056350001
    1x 2.5x25 mm
  • 05056352001
    1x 3x25 mm
  • 05056354001
    1x 4x25 mm
  • 05056356001
    1x 5x25 mm
  • 05056358001
    1x 6x25 mm
    1x 70x50 mm